November 4, 2018 Theater Augsburg "Einar has a Bird!"


Theater for the ears by Hauke Berheide and Amy Stebbins for actor, soprano, and orchestra commissioned by the Augsburg Philharmonic. "Algae-slime and whale-farts! What was that? A yatter? A chatter? A wobble and gobble? A NOISE!? Get! Get! Get!" Einar is the lighthouse keeper. He doesn't like visitors, especially birds. Alone in the sea, he is his own master. Then one night, a terrible storm blows in a window pane, and in flies a trembling little bird who takes refuge in Einar's broken cuckoo clock... But when the storm turns into a hurricane, the ocean waves ambush the weathered lighthouse. Einar implores the bird to fly away and save himself. Einar can brave the storm alone! The bird flies away, but Einar cannot stop the rain and waves from flooding his home. Struggling to survive, he climbs to the top of the lighthouse and crawls out onto the parapet. And just as the lighthouse is about to collapse beneath him, a familiar sound returns to save Einar in the most unlikely way. More here.


For children eight and up


Einar & Narrator: Klaus Müller


Augsburg Philharmonic


Composition Hauke Berheide

Libretto Amy Stebbins


Musical Direction Ivan Demidov

Stage Direction Amy Stebbins

Dramaturgy Imme Heiligendorff, Sophie Walz