Musical Land

Alarms and sirens blare across the theater. An emergency radio broadcast informs us that Musical Land has suffered a series of explosions, devastating the country and leaving its citizens for dead. Only Evita, Maria von Trapp and Little Orphan Annie are left. These three musical characters now find themselves in a strange world—dark, gloomy, uninhabitable, where they’re greeted by a 20th-century orchestra of all things. The women acknowledge that Musical Land is gone and resolve to commit suicide. Yet in spite of their valiant efforts to do so, they prove unsuccessful. After several failed suicide attempts, Evita signals for Annie and Maria to climb to the balcony from which they will jump into the orchestra, leaping to their death. Suddenly, just in the nick of time, a man appear, introducing himself as the German composer Arnold Schoenberg. In typical Deus ex Machina fashion, he reveals that Musical Land lives on in each and every one of of heroines, and all they have to do is: “live life like in a musical."