T H E   B O X I N G   M A T C H

an adaptation of Fear & Misery in the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht

presented at the Loeb Ex, American Repertory Theatre


Based on  Bertolt Brecht's  collection of anti-fascist vignettes,  The Boxing Match imagines a world dominated by surveillance.  The audience is seated in the center of the space, encircled by Brecht's interwoven scenes. Recorded throughout the production by surveillance cameras, they themselves become the spectacle, appearing as protagonists on characters' home televisions.


Stage Direction Amy Stebbins

Set Design Eric Phelan & Amy Stebbins

Music Will Payne

Video Jimmy Collins

Lights Michael Zellmann-Rohrer

Costumes Olga Zhulina


Matt Bohrer, Gaby Germanos,

Annie Levine, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard,

Greg Luzitano, Jenny Malin,

Daniel R. Pecci, Julia Renaud,

Chace Vanderwolk