an adaptation of Heiner Müller's Quartett and Søren Kierkegaard's Either/Or

presented by ONO Productions at the Loeb Experimental Theatre (A.R.T.)

Boston, MA


"Talent, imagination, wit, and courage were everywhere in this production. There is no doubt that Amy Stebbins, with all her impressive gifts, will prove a very welcome new figure in the theatrical world."

Michael MillerHudson-Husatonic Arts

The Marquis de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont having nothing to do. Rich and bored, they stare into the void of aristocratic life, dreadfully aware of the fatal revolution to com. DUETT is an adaptation of Heiner Müller's Quartett that interweaves the German play with Søren Kierkegaard's Either/Or. Staged one year after the global financial crisis, the piece focuses on the economic dependencies behind Merteuil and Valmont's power play and violent eroticism. DUETT was collaboration with Grammy-award winning Incubus member Michael Einziger and video designer Tevor Martin,


Stage Direction Amy Stebbins

Music Michael Einziger

Sound Sir Henry

Video Trevor Martin

Lights Michael Zellmann-Rohrer

Costumes Rebecca Levitan

Dramaturgy Andrea Deecker

Executive Producer Tara Moross

Producer Matt Stone

Stage Manager Annie Levine


Marquis de Merteuil Catrin Lloyd-Bollard

Vicomte de Valmont Daniel R. Pecci

Servants  Steven DeMarco, Kayleigh Ristuben, Mia Walker