W O Z Z E C K. a technopera

presented by Collaboraction and the Chopin Theater as part of the Franz Fest

Chicago, IL


"Slowly Wozzeck, take it slowly!"

Technology has thrown us into a permanent state of hurry. We rush to consume more, faster, while at the same time suffering from the demands this technology puts on our economic prospects. We must produce more, faster in a race against the very machines we want to consume. This one-act adaptation of Alban Berg's Wozzeck takes the struggling 19th-century anti-hero as a model for this contemporary struggle between individual anxiety and technological acceleration, exploring our need to "take it slowly." In collaboration with DJ/computer scientist Richard Whaling, Amy Stebbins explores these contradictory drives to speed up and slow down, and their devastating impact on the human mind and body.


stage direction/ set design Amy Stebbins

music/ sound Richard Whaling

video Liviu Pasare & Amy Stebbins

costumes Melissa Ng

light design John Kelley   

Wozzeck Sam Guinan-Nyhart     Marie Rania Salem Manganaro

The Captain Jeffrey Bouthiette     The Doctor Richard Whaling