an opera by Fredrik Schwenk

based on the 1705 opera by F. Gasparini

Oct. 9, 10, 17, Jan. 19, Apr. 24

Music by Sir Henry

May 9, 10, 18-21, 25-28

June 6, 7, 13, 14, 21, 22, 27, 28

Music by Hauke Berheide

March 12, 13, 2022

Photo Clemens Heidrich

Photo Thomas Koy



I work at the peripheries and intersections of several artistic disciplines--primarily between contemporary music-theater, experimental performance, and digital arts. Next up on the docket, I'm writing and directing a mixed-reality chamber opera based on a recent, award-winning fantasy novel.

My path into this profession was hardly a matter of course. After completing my B.A. in History & Literature at Harvard, I left the US for the Berlin Volksbühne by way of a Fulbright fellowship where I worked for "auteur" directors like René Pollesch and Sebastian Baumgarten. I then returned to the US to pursue a doctorate at the University of Chicago in Cinema & Media Studies / Germanic Studies. These unlikely stopovers cultivated the artistic values at the core of my work:

1. Technical precision. (I don't like trash.)

2. Poetic intuition. (I don't like realism.)

3. Critical rigor. Art is not a means of self-expression, but an alternative means of expressing ideas.

As a writer-director in disciplines where directors seldom write, I am often referred to as a "creator of new work." This "work" has appeared on the stages of the Bavarian State Opera, the Neuköllner Oper, the Augsburg State Theater, and the Frankfurt Opera.

My commitments to new work occasionally take the form of institutional intervention. From 2015-2017, I convened Transatlantic exchanges for artists and arts administrators in Chicago and Munich on the topic of new work development. In 2018, composer Hauke Berheide and I co-founded New Opera Dialogues, an artist-led platform to promote international dialogue about aesthetics and best institutional practices for contemporary opera.

I also publish on the topic for academic journals, trade magazines and newspaper. These texts can be found in the "THEORY" section of this site.

For more information about me, please consult my C.V. Otherwise, feel free to puruse the medial traces of my work found below.



"Windy City" is an ode to Chicago and the invisible force that connects north and south, the haves and the have-nots, the natural and the urban: the wind. This short silent film will premiere at the Düsseldorf Tonhalle with a live score performed by the venue's resident new music ensemble, no.tabu.ensemble neue musik. 

Conducted by MarK-Andreas Schlingensiepen

Starring Darling "Shear" Squire

Written & Directed by Amy Stebbins

Music by Hauke Berheide

Editing by Christian Hill

Photography by Lukas Rehm & Christian Hill

Costumes by Katherine Stebbins


"...sophisticated direction of the performances."

- Online Music Magazine

Music and Libretto by Fredrik Schwenk

Conducted by Florian Zieman

Stage Direction Amy Stebbins

Set and Costumes by Anna Siegrot

Video Elisabeth Köstner and Lars Neumann

Dramaturgy by Jannike Schulte

with Neele Kramer, Yohan Kim, Felix Mischitz, Eddie Mofokeng,

Sonja Isabel Reuter, Julian Rohde

and the chorus of the Theater for Lower Saxony

led by Achim Falkenhausen

"This disorienting thriller is impressively and authentically staged by Amy Stebbins through psychologically clever direction that alternates between tension-charged two-person constellations and ensemble arrangements." 

["Diesen verwirrenden Beziehungskrimi setzt Amy Stebbins durch psychologisch klug disponierte Regie mit einem Wechsel von spannungsgeladenen Zweier-Konstellationen und Ensemble-Arrangements beeindruckend authentisch um."]

- Hildesheimer Algemeine Zeitung

Schöner Wohnen: ein Abstellkammerspiel - Neuköllner Oper

Daniel is a digital nomad fresh off the boat and ready to take on Berlin. His plans take a strange turn when he discovers an unexpected roommate in the broom closet. In this musical comedy, Erna and Daniel compete for time and space in their ever-shrinking apartment.

"Eine so absurd wie realistische Tragikkomödie ... ein Abend zum Lachen und zum Heulen."

- Barbara Wiegand, RBB24

Text & Direction by Amy Stebbins

Music by Sir Henry

Set & Costumes by Belén Montoliú

Video by Valle Döring

Choreography Marie-Christine Zeisset

Dramaturgy Änne-Marthe Kühn

with Daniel Sellier, Claudia Renner and Sir Henry



NEW OPERA DIALOGUES is an international platform for opera creators and producers to discuss, debate, and dialogue about contemporary opera aesthetics as well as best practices for new work development.

THE CHICAGO-MUNICH THEATER EXCHANGE was a series of Transatlantic exchange between theaters in Chicago and Munich on the topic of new play development. Participating institutions included: The Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theater, Goethe-Institut Chicago, and the Bavarian State Theater.